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Every Bit Counts

501 C 3 Animal Education Facility

*All donations will be met with a receipt of donation*

PFN believes in giving back. We try to help others in need when we can. If you have any of the following and would like to donate. We GREAT appreciate it. If you would like to donated in the form of money, please click the donate link. All donations will be met with receipt.

  • Fence - Metal

  • Dog Food - Wholesome / Diamond Natural

  • Dog house XL

  • Transport Crates XL

  • Raw Feed - expired meat product

  • Deep Freezer

  • Security Cameras

  • A person that can redevelop our land

* If you or someone you know has these items have them CALL first and then fill out the form below. *

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Thanks for submitting! We’ll send reply as soon as possible.

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