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Meet the Staff

Adam Pinon

I grew up as an avid outdoors kid, always having a dog and loving nature. That passion followed me as I grew older and I set out upon the world, seeing what the United States had to offer. I was always learning that many people have various critters. Since my early 20s I have had 2 dogs that were my life. Everything I did was for them. I spent my adult life working in health clubs. After living most of my recent life in Texas, I decided to move here to Ohio in 2015. It was at that time I settled down and realized I had a bigger calling; I just didn't know what it was. I currently own Wolfdogs and got my first one in 2012. Since 2018, I started my business in landscape construction and started figuring out what animals really meant to me. I started to develop a program based around retraining people to care better for their animals. All of that journey led me to here...

Creating an organization that focuses on that aspect.


Deborah Weaver
Co-Founder/Director of Operations

Deb Weaver

I have always been an animal lover.  After my parents got tired of me bringing home strays, they sent me to volunteer at the Cincinnati Zoo as a young teen.  This blossomed into a lifelong love of caring for any creature, including reptiles, big cats, and eventually finding my way to helping Paul Strasser at his Red Wolf Santuary in Indiana.  I graduated high school from the Animal Conservation and Care program or "Zoo School" as it was more commonly called. Later in life I received my Wildlife Rehabilitator license, finished college and received licenses for Funeral Director and Embalmer.  


Currently I am the mother to two wonderful twenty-agers, one grandson, proud companion of four wolfdogs, three Savannah Cats, a rescued community cat and a slightly feral human named Michael Booher whom I am currently engaged to.

Randi Bird
Social Media/Fundraising Coordinator

I grew up always having at least one animal in the house or interacting with any critter outside, except insects(I didn't appreciate them until I was older).

Growing up, I always told people that I was going to be a vet and even got a chance to work with one. I realized that wasn't my calling and went to college instead. I graduated with a degree in wildlife management, but began working with a Pit Bull Rescue right after and fell in love. Caring for, training, and seeing those dogs get adopted put me on my path of becoming a certified dog trainer.

I became certified through the Animal Behavior College in 2013 and began providing my services to educate and train both the owners and their dogs.

Randi Bird
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