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Welcome to Pets First Nationwide. We are an organization built around helping those in need, whether it is animals or humans. We are here to educate on what proper animal husbandry is. Just like evolution we ourselves evolve into better people. PFN encourages you to take that journey with us. You too can be that light of hope for others.

"To be a voice for those that can't be heard" - Pets First Nationwide

Our Story

Established in 2012

We came into this world without a voice, only a cry. As we grow some of us feel in our hearts that call to leadership. While others need those leaders to speak up for them. 

Our story began back in 2012, on a long road trip home from New Mexico to Texas. I started asking myself "what can I do to give back to the community?" I knew there must be a greater calling for me. I searched my heart and discovered that those who do not have voice need someone to speak up for them. At first, I tried bringing together a community for the greater good. Then, I started to evolve as a person that had the ability to do more. Later in 2016, I moved to Ohio. It was then that I realized I could make a bigger impact to help animals and people in need. 

In 2020, it all came together. I discovered that if I show others, through my actions, how to care for people and animals, maybe there was a chance for those that have no voice to have one speak for them. That being said, I have 2 missions. The first one is to be a voice for those that can't be heard. The second, is to educate others before buying. Also, showing and demonstrating what care and commitment is when taking care of animals.

Our foundation is built around being humanitarians and helping those in need. We will educate and provide support to those who wish to understand more about owning and caring for these rural pets.

**We are not a rescue organization and do not have the ability to take in or rehome animals.**

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